These are the results for the 2013 competitions

Nov-30 Dec-7:     MCB Throw – Jump – Run Festival

November 24:      Kareda di Boka Sami

October 13:           Kareda di APC

July 6-7:                Trupial Classic

June 29-30:         Curacao CAC Age Group Championship

June 14-15:           MCB Curacao Championship results

May 10-11:            MCB Curacao Age Group Championship results and multi-event grid

April 26-27:          CAC Age Group and Senior Trial. results  and multi-event grid

March 9-10:         Dutch Caribbean Invitational  results and multi-event grid

February 23-24:  Amigunan di Atletismo. results and multi-event grid

January 12-13:     First 2013 Competitio. results