On Sunday 17th September the Waaigat in Punda will be the décor of the Relevo di Waaigat 2017. A fun sports event, accessible for everyone!

The event is an excellent and exciting opportunity to participate in. Supporting the athletics, while having a great time with your team!

The corporate relay is being held at the Parking lot Waaigat, where 5 participants will run 322 meters each. A minimum of 2 women must participate in the relay.

All proceeds will go to the development of Athletics on Curacao.

 Cost to participate:

Clubs (affiliates to CAB) relay          25 NAF

Neighborhoods (Barios) relay          50 NAF

Corps relay                                       75 NAF

Corporate relays                               100 NAF

Would you like to participate with a private team or as a neighborhood, corps, corporate, please fill out the registration form and mention this in the comments.

We are looking forward to your registration!

DATE: 17th September 2017
TIME: 16.30 – 19.00





Payment method and due day:

Bank Transfer to CAB. – MCB27896004 – Make sure to mention your TEAM NAME.
Cash/ Cheque

Payment due day is 13th September
* please note your registration is only complete when full payment has been made.

participation on behalf of registered company – 5 participants required.

It is not required that all participants work at the company.
A minimum of 2 women must participate in the relay.

One company can participate with multiple teams; just fill out another registration form. Each additional team will cost only NAF 50,-

Once we have received your registration, you will be informed about the regulations and the program.

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