Curacaose Atletiek Bond (CAB) promotes and facilitates RUN/WALK, JUMP and THROW since 1966. For 45 year our motto has been SPEED, ENDURANCE, ALTITUDE and DISTANCE: moving the island of Curacao forward.

Our main objective is to promote the sport of athletics for the young and young heart, contributing to a sence of fairness and a healthier life style.

Throughout the year we organize several athletics events for our members and the general community of Curacao: track and field events, road races, cross countries, walk festivals, and the newly introduced kid’s athletics.

Our athletes are inhabitants of Curacao, who through their clubs are dedicated to training and performance in the athletic sport.

Through sportmanship, they develop friendships and have a lot of fun.

The Curacao athletic federation consists of 12 clubs representing approximately 350 athletes from all walks of life.

Our afiliated clubs are Curacao Master Athletics, Batavus, Cheetah, Deportivo San Kristof, the Eagles, Go Fast, New Revolution, Olympic, Rising Stars, Sloke, Sparta and Trupial. All clubs have their own unique character and yet we are one great family in the sport of athletics.

Our national staduim “Ergilio Hato” is the venue where we host the majority of our events.

Most of our clubs use this same stadium for their training. Other clubs train at Koraal Specht,

Emmastad, Jandoret and Barber. The training of most of our clubs takes place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 17:00 to 19:00 hours.

Together with our member we strive to create the most favorable conditions for the maximum performance of our athletes.

It’s our desire to make our country well known in the Caribbean region and all over the world through the MOTHER of all sports, ATHLETICS.